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Perfect Imperfect Taps

We are very excited to launch our new range o​f taps. Perfect Imperfect brass finishes are used to create a rustic, industrial and worn look, yet the taps have all new working parts and are easily plumbed in. 

The vintage style taps have an old fashioned look that works in so many of todays kitchens and bathrooms. Our unique aged brass finishes are used to lend character and style to both mixer taps and simple sink taps.

The taps can be finished in our heavily aged and antiqued finish, with verdigris notes, or can have a more polished brass look, still in our signature 'imperfect' style. The taps can also be made in a rustic copper finish.

Check us out in your quest to find the perfect aged, old looking vintage style tap, copper taps, brass taps or simply am old-fashioned look with a simple functional style.