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Iron Top timber edge
zinc top oak table debi

Aged Oak and Iron Table - oak trim

£1183.20 - £2194.80
This table has a beautifully aged Iron top with an oak trim around the edges, standing on aged oak tapered legs.

Standard sizes 

4 seater              90 x 90 cm     
6 seater             140 x 80 cm     
8 seater             180 x 90 cm     
10 seater            220 x 90 cm     
10-12 seater         250 x 90 cm     

Please note, we can make this table to your required size, these measurements are for guidance. Also, bear in mind that the seating arrangement we use includes one person to be sat at either end.

Please contact us for further details.
£1183.20 4 seater
£1483.20 6 seater
£1632.00 8 seater
£1946.40 10 seater
£2194.80 10- 12 seater