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Measuring Up

It is very important that you measure carefully where your furniture is going to go.

Narrow doorways, staircases and tight corners can make it impossible to deliver your order.

Please check these details carefully in advance of placing your order since we cannot issue refunds if we deliver the items and we cannot transport them to your desired location, or that they do not fit!

Dining table tops that can be detached will be attached to the base once we have reached the room of your choice.


Due to the nature and size of our items returns are only accepted where an item is faulty or damaged.  Please inform us within 24 hours of delivery.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss this further.  We can send additional photos or customers can view items in our workshop if required before purchasing an item.


Due to the bespoke nature of our business, a refund will only be given on a cancelled order if it is done within a 3 day cooling off period. After that period, cancellations will not be possible due to the large amount of time and labour involved in our product.

Important- please be aware that many of our products are antique items or are made from reclaimed wood and whilst we try to ensure that all our stock is high quality, it must be acknowledged that there will be some degree of wear and tear and that items will be aged in places.  Our painting process is geared around the concept of aging and lightly distressing the furniture. Our zinc work is also based on gently aging and distressing the metal. 

We try to ensure that the overall finish is clearly shown in our selected photos of the product. If concerned then please request additional photos or visit our workshop.

Zinc Items- some extra detail!


The use of zinc as cladding material for countertops, tabletops and kitchen and bar surfaces has always been popular due to its characteristic patina and self-cleansing properties. While mill finished zinc sheets have a highly reflective surface that can be preserved with clear coatings, many people opt for the natural look of aged zinc that develops a dull grey, pewter-like patina over time. Since zinc is one of the softer metals, it lends itself to a distressed look that is normally accomplished through use, but can be established during our unique aging process.

Zinc as a Work Surface

Zinc alloy produces an oxide on its surface that is harmless to humans.

In fact, we often take zinc oxide as a dietary supplement, in certain cold medications and as a remedy for nappy rash. Zinc oxide can naturally inhibit the development of mould and mildew, which is a highly desirable property in food preparation environments.

Zinc sheet material, being rather soft, will bear the witness marks of use. Slight dents and abrasions will occur during routine use and the owner needs to appreciate these occurrences as an intrinsic part of the character of this material. If a pristine appearance is desired that will not change over time, we suggest other materials be considered.

Zinc is also reactive to acidic foods and other substances that may come in contact with it during use. The owner must be prepared to appreciate the concept of a .living. material in this regard. Advocates of zinc work surfaces consider areas of slight discoloration that occur from casual contact with reactive agents to be part of this material’s desirable character.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Zinc work surfaces can be cleaned with mild detergent solutions. Chloride-containing products should be avoided. Abrasive products should not be used . Any product with a mild vinegar solution like windolene can be used to neutralise the white oxidisation powder. 

Zinc, like all natural metals will expand and contract slightly with temperature change. Extreme temperature changes may cause the zinc to contract or expand so placing item away from radiators is recommended.


Wood Items

Reclaimed wood is a natural material and may display various marks and characteristics such as knots, cracks, grain variation, colour variations etc. These are natural, and deemed by many, desirable features which demonstrate the individuality of the wood and will not affect the durability or performance of the furniture in any way.

Handmade wood furniture is unique, as such; colouring and grain patterns will vary from piece to piece, with no two pieces being exactly the same.

Solid wood furniture is affected by heat and moisture. A hot dry environment will cause timber to shrink, whilst a damp environment will cause it to swell. Knots, cracks, drying shakes and movement are inherent characteristics of natural timber and are not considered a fault in the wood or our workmanship. Your new piece of furniture will benefit greatly by placing it in a position in a room well away from extremes of temperature, such as next to a radiator or exposed to direct sunlight.

Trade orders

Please be aware that we are a small one-man-business! 

50% deposit is needed before I can start work on an order. This is required for materials and security on the order.

Delivery is to be discussed on order and payment is the responsibility of the customer. I am happy to arrange delivery if given prior warning. Please be aware that urgent orders may have higher delivery charges.

Prices for large orders are negotiable.

Lead times- please confirm current lead times when ordering. If an order is urgent this may be possible but a charge may be necessary to allow for the extra labour that is needed for the order to be prioritised.