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What is the maximum size zinc table top that can be made?

The maximum width table I can make in one section is 93cm

Our zinc tops can only be made to 3cm depth

The maximum size in one single piece of zinc is 93cm x 230cm, this is due to the way we age the zinc.

Larger table tops can be made but would need to be in sections – usually 3 sections looks best. 

Please see images here for the join options

How are joins in the zinc finished?

Joins can be either soldered (this is in keeping with the aged rustic style of the tables – they are not polished down but are raised) OR can be folded and tacked down with small tacks.

Please see images here.

How do I care for a zinc surface?

Please click here to see our care guide with important DO’s and DON’Ts


Brass table tops and surfaces can be made to any size using our brass metal coating. To know more about the properties and do's and don't's for our Brass please click here. We get lots of enquiries about splashbacks and kitchen doors, most should be answered in this guide here

How long will my made-to-order item take to be made?

We tend to say around 6 weeks lead time. Sometimes we are quicker but please allow 6 weeks. At busy times it may be up to 8 weeks. If you need delivery sooner please let us know as we can charge a rush order, or we may have a quieter period at the time.

Are the tables suitable for outside use?

Some of our items are more suitable than others for outside use. The zinc tops are fine outside and develop a lovely depth of patina. The fruitbox and oak tables are also fine outside. Round tops have got steel rims so some rusting may occur- it is up to you whether you think this adds to the charm or not! We can’t add parasol holes to round tops but can to a square or rectangular top as long as it is a table that has not got a central pedestal.  Our tables generally have legs that can be dismantled so they can be stored over the winter if preferred.

Is zinc safe to prepare food on?

Yes it is BUT we do not advise it as knifes can scratch the soft metal and some food and drink can react with the zinc and mark it.

Can you make a zinc top for me to fit to my own table?

We no longer make ‘just’ the top. The tops can easily be flexed in transit or can be badly fitted at the client’s end, which can cause problems. We will consider doing tops for trade or will make a bistro/ café table top for private customers depending on size (generally 93cm is the max we would advise.)

Do you ship abroad?

We generally do not ship outside of the UK. If you are in Europe and are interested in a smaller item, please do email as we may be able to post it out to you without the cost being prohibitive.