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Kitchens Information Page 
We love kitchen interiors and have a range of services to offer using our bespoke metal work. 
Splashbacks, Doors, Drawer fronts, kickboards / plinths, shelves, extractors and hardware call all be finished in one of our unique hand-finished metals. Please do contact us to get samples or any other information. 
The best way to make sure your splashback is measured and cut accurately is to make a template in 6mm or 9mm MDF including your desired cut-outs. Once sent to us, we can coat this directly so you can guarantee a perfect fit. We can also use templates made in correx that are easier to post! 
This is not always necessary, for a straightforward splashback we are happy to work off accurate dimensions on sketches or plans. All cut-outs must be remembered and if fitting between two units or between wall units and worktops, it might be wise to leave a mm off the edges to allow it to be easier to fit 
For socket cut outs we charge £10, the cut outs are made so that the hole is cut behind the faceplate of the socket. An electrician is needed on installation to take off the faceplate so that the splashback can be fitted then the faceplate screwed on top 
Templating cannot be done until your kitchen and worktop is in place. We try to make orders as quickly as possible but usually there is a 4 week time period until delivery. 
Size- the maximum length we can make is 300cm. if joins are required this can be disguised either using a tile effect so that the join isn’t seen. If joins are needed think carefully about the exact location of were you would like pieces to meet.  
Installation- installation is very straightforward. A standard strong contact adhesive is used to apply the splashback to the dry, dust free, flat wall. If you know your wall isn’t straight or has bumps and irregularities please consider this prior to installing. 
Please read your hob or range installation instructions to get information on distances etc from the walls/splashbacks. If required you can specify fire retardant MDF as a backing or moisture resistant board if behind a sink. Silicone should be used to seal the edge between the splashback and the worksurface, to protect the board from moisture and spills. 
Our care guide has all the information needed for looking after the splashback. 
If you would like to have a degree of protection, then a furniture spray polish eg pledge can be used every time you clean it. A furniture beeswax can also be used. 

Kitchen Doors and Drawer Fronts 
There are two options for our kitchen doors and drawers. We can either make the doors or drawer fronts for you, or we can add our finish to doors and drawers that are sent to us from your kitchen brand. For example, Ikea and Howdens. This ensures a perfect fit and pre-drilled hinge holes etc. It is however important that you ensure that the finish of the chosen door is smooth and flat and in a matt, rather than a gloss finish. Any texture or wood effect will not be suitable for our finish. All edges and the front face will be covered in the metal finish but the back of the door is not. If we are making the doors you will need to specify the colour and finish required on the back of the door. We use melamine finishes as well as solid coloured valchromat or painted MDF. 
Handle options 
There are 3 options for doors and drawers 
1. Slab- this is a plain rectangular door. Handles can be added or a push to open catch. 2. J-Groove- this is a handle-less option that has a j shaped groove at the top to grip. 3. 30 degree angled edge- this option requires a panel behind as it will have a shadow gap that will be seen.  
If you would like an extractor with one of our metal finishes, then simply select the extractor that you like and send us an image and the information you have on the item so we can double check its suitability. Ideally all buttons and switches should be on the underside of the unit. The unit would then be sent to our workshop address and would be delivered to you in around 4 weeks from order.