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Metal Tops & Surfaces

We can use our liquid metal coating to create table tops and worksurfaces.

The finish is hard-wearing and strong but careful attention must be paid to care and maintenance. As with any metal, it can scratch and mark easily. Whilst most marks and scratches can be polished out, if the odd water mark or scratch would drive you mad then this probably isn’t the surface for you!

The surface will be waxed, this layer of protection can be added to over time as required.

For kitchen worktops we usually only would recommend the use of the finish in areas which are ‘low traffic’. Areas around a sink or hob may be very difficult to maintain.

The surface will gain more patina over time and if coasters, vases or mats etc are left on it those areas will oxidise differently to the rest of the top. Over time these areas of slightly different shade will fade but will be visible for a while. (Think of the surface like an oak or solid timber table-top)

We can seal the tops and surfaces but please be aware that this slightly changes the look of the metal, additionally any scratches will seem more prominent and cannot be polished out.

The maximum size we can do in one section is 3m x 1.5m, maximum length is 3m.

Edges will be slightly rounded over and clients would need to let us know how much of the underside they would like to be coated. This is especially important if having a seating area on an island.

For table-tops, let us know what edge profile you prefer- right angle, slightly rounded or a larger radius curve. You can also have an iron rim or wood trim for the edge.
brass table top steel rim close
brass table tops round no rims
heavy aged brass table bistro cafe
heavy brass round top
the kite red hart brass table
styled brass round top
watchful mary table brass
brass heavy aged round top steel rim
blackened brass table top
iron table top distressed with oak trim
verdigris brass table top edge
styled brass round top
table top brass and oak trim
iron top refectory table close
brass top edge
pebble top brass
brass table top profile
table corner edge detail (2)
table top
brass table top krystyna
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square and round brass top bistro tables oak trim
top iron table groacious spaces
iron table top
brass round table side
iron table refec
iron top and edge laura
brass table and lamps janine
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