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Yellow Brass Gallery

The gallery below shows a range of projects that have used Yellow Brass. Some are more gently aged, some are more heavily aged. The same base tone is used. The look of the brass can change at different times of the day, with different lighting and some photographs are more edited by the photographer. The range of images gives an idea of the overall look and we always advise clients to get samples before they buy and move the samples around in the space the brass would be used. 

2021-08-16 (2)
brass triangles splashback bolton
splashback outdoor collective
brass tiles rectangles
aged brass square tiles island (2)
aged brass extractor hood zarina
helen ellis splashback brass 2 (2)
aged brass hob splashback
bamber island drawers brass
brass panels and doors
brass table top profile edge
brass table top wood edge
brass table top steel rim close
zarina extractor 3
little edwardian extractor
brass edge detail
brass top edge
samples edge details brass
brass pebble close
j groove door
polished brass
maria extract brass close
debra triangle close up
chris and anne
brass splashback brook
maria extractor brass
charlotte deco splash
edited brass kitch
2021-10-15 (2)